5 Types Of Cat Furniture That All Cats Need


Finding the right cat furniture for your cat can be a tough task. How do you know which type of cat furniture your cat needs while living indoors? All cats need to play, climb, sharpen their nails, go to the bathroom, and get a good night’s sleep. These 5 types of cat furniture will ensure that your cats have all of these needs met!

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A Cat Tree To Play On Is A Necessity

A cat tree is not an option, it is a need for any indoor cat. Cats can easily gain weight or become depressed when they don’t get the stimulation that they need. They really aren’t much different than humans in this sense. Offering them the right cat furniture to play on will help prevent this from happening. A cat can play on any old cat tower. Yet, many of the ones available aren’t going to last very long and will merely offer your cat a place to hang out. We all know that cats need a tower but what about your need for a high-quality cat tree that will look great in your home too? The Refined Feline makes a great cat tower for humans and cats called the Lotus Cat Tower. This expertly crafted cat tower is constructed from solid wood and features a beautiful modern design that will also become a piece of artwork in your home. Plus, your cat will love it even more than you do because it’s not just beautiful, it’s also functional. It offers cats a hideaway cubby, a handful of perches, and a space to scratch. The best part is that all of the parts that can get worn can also be cleaned or replaced. This cat tree really is made to last a lifetime. More than one cat can easily run up this wooden cat tree at the same time and they will stay entertained by it all day. When the time comes for a catnap, they can just go down to the hidden den or pick any perch to sleep on. This cat tower is purrrfect for people with more than one cat since it is so functional

Get A Litter Box And Litter Box Furniture

Indoor cats will need a place to go to the bathroom that mimics their natural outdoor environment. Most cats will adapt very easily to using the litter box that you provide. Just make sure that it is the right size for them and that they can get in and out easily. You will know right away if your cat isn’t comfortable with their litter box because they will go to the bathroom outside of it. This can usually be corrected with the right litter box and if that doesn’t work they should see a vet. You can also add a cat litter box enclosure to hide the litter box. While this is more for you than your cat, it will offer them some privacy. It also won’t let the litter box compromise the beautiful aesthetic of your home.

Cats Love To Climb Wall Shelves

Adding cat wall furniture to your home won’t cost you any floor space and your cats will love it. They will tire themselves out leaping from shelf to shelf on this furniture that was designed just for them. The majority of cats like to perch high up off the ground and when they’re out of energy they’ll enjoy sitting and taking in the view. Give your cats even more freedom by hanging the cat shelves along your walls and creating a pathway. The Refined Feline makes some of the best cat wall shelves available. Their Lotus Cat Shelves are built from solid wood and look modern so they will look great in your home. These cat wall shelves are heavy duty enough for multiple cats plus cats of any breed or size. You can even screw them into wall studs for some extra support if needed. Plus, the included carpeting can be taken off for cleaning or to be replaced. After adding cat shelves into your house you’ll likely notice that your cats are happier.

Cats Need Scratching Posts To Sharpen Their Nails

Cats are always going to need to scratch and sharpen their nails, even when living indoors. Sharpening and scratching their nails is a natural action for them and is important for them to do. Cats need to do this to stretch and also to maintain clean and sharp nails. When you do not give your cats the proper scratching posts they’ll end up finding something to scratch. Your fabric couch will most likely be their prey. To redirect their behavior, you will have to give your cat adequate scratching posts. The Refined Feline makes all types of cat furniture such as scratching posts and many items have included scratching posts or have multiple functions. The Purrrrfect End Table is a wooden end table with a hidden bed inside. It also has a large scratchpad on the side that blends right in with the color of the wood. This multipurpose piece of cat furniture will look great in your home. Plus, if your cat scratches up the scratchpad, it can be replaced!

The Right Cat Bed Will Give Your Cat A Good Night’s Sleep

Many cats enjoy sleeping with their owners yet they also crave a space of their own. So, while they may sleep with you sometimes, they’ll also enjoy a cat bed to call their own. So, it is best to get one bed for each cat that you have. While there are tons of cat beds to choose from it is very important to choose one that matches your cat’s needs. Certain cats may enjoy staying low to the ground when others may like to be higher up. One elevated option is the Kitty Ball Cat Bed from The Refined Feline. It is a raised cat bed offering cats a more enclosed space to leap up into. While it is large enough for any cat, it is still just small enough that they’ll feel cozy and safe inside. Also, it is made of a wicker material that cannot be clawed. So, it will not get shredded and will always look good in your home. You’ll love the modern look of this beautiful cat bed while your cat will enjoy taking a catnap in it.

These 5 Types Of Cat Furniture Will Help Keep Your Cat Happy And Healthy

All cats need their natural instincts to be satisfied and these 5 types of cat furniture will assist in doing so. Even though every cat is different, most of their basic needs are the same. So, adding this cat furniture to your home is a great first step. When we adopt a cat we add it to our family and are responsible for taking care of its needs for the rest of its life. This cat furniture will help you do just that!