The Easiest Ways for Getting Your Puppy Used to A New Home

Pet Care

It is vital to remember that moving with pets into a new home comes with a specific complication. 

Therefore, you should think about the significant stress on your furry friend. Since dogs are creatures of routine and habit, a slight change in environment can lead to severe anxiety.

Similarly, it is challenging to deal with anxiety and implement stability each time something occurs. We recommend you click here to learn more about tips for raising a French bulldog in your apartment. 

That is why you should learn how to get your puppy used to a new home.

  • Maintain the Same Routine

It is vital to think about routine when you decide to reduce anxiety and other issues. Therefore, you should implement the same time for meals, walks, and other exercises you wish to engage in.

Even though it seems boring to us, dogs are the best way to get used to a new house. Of course, some variations tend to happen, but dogs tend to rely on set schedules much more than humans.

At the same time, when adjusting to a new household, it is vital to ensure that routine is ongoing and the same way as in the past home. 

When you decide to move with a dog, you should stay on schedule. Even though staying on schedule can mean stopping yourself in the middle of a particular task, it is essential for a dog’s overall mental health and behavior.

Remember that the more you stick to a usual routine, the faster a dog will settle in. That way, it will adjust much better than without it, which is something you should remember.

Exercise routines are essential as well, which is why you should walk it out and ensure an energy release. Keep in mind that a tired dog is a healthy dog, which is an important consideration.

Check out this guide: to learn more about dog’s behavior. 

Having too much energy can increase overall stress, which is why working out is crucial for keeping anxiety down and let your dog remain calm during an adjustment process. 

Therefore, you should play an additional game of fetch and take longer walks than before, which will allow him to explore the new territory. 

Remember that your dog’s more energy lets out. The transition will be easier in the long run.

  • Create a Dog’s Essentials Bag 

Apart from creating your bag for essential things and items you need to access in the first few weeks while adjusting your life in a new area, it would be best if you did the same thing for your canine friend. 

That way, you will know where to find water bowls, food, treats, toys, and other pet-specific items you need for regular functioning.

The main goal is to have everything on hand, which will help you achieve high efficiency compared with other options.

  • Create a Dog Space as Soon as You Enter a New Area

It would help if you did the next thing when you place your belongings and furniture within a new apartment or home to set a corner for blankets, bed, a bowl of freshwater, and toys. 

That way, he will have a piece of the familiar and comfortable setting combined with items and smells that will keep puppy calm along the way.

Therefore, no matter where he is, he will use the bed and blanket as home. It does not mean that you should place it in a specific area. Still, even a tiny corner for temporary enjoyment is essential for reducing stress and keeping your puppy comfortable.

  • Provide More Attention Than Before

Since moving is both time-consuming and overwhelming for humans, you should know that your puppy will feel the same. Therefore, you should be affectionate and generous by using encouraging words.

At the same time, you should take a few moments for quality time and attention between tedious tasks you need to handle. It is enough to spare a few minutes to play fetch or belly rubs, which will assure your dog that everything is okay.

  • Anti-Anxiety Aid 

If you have a dog with severe anxiety issues, moving will increase it to a point where you cannot handle the process. 

Therefore, for difficult situations, you should visit a vet a few months before to take prescription anxiety meds to prevent potential problems from happening.

You can also choose other options, including Zen collars, calming aids, and music to reduce overall stress in animals. Adjusting to a new space can be a terrifying experience for your puppy, which is why you should pay attention to its state of mind.

That way, you will know when you should implement anti-anxiety aid to deal with current problems.

  • Stay at Home as Much as You Can 

Your puppy will require some time to figure out a new home and treat it as a safe space where it can enjoy along the way. While the transition happens, you should stay by its side and even avoid work for a few days to prevent anxiety issues that may occur.

At the same time, you should avoid leaving your puppy alone in a new home for more than a few minutes, especially during the first week. That way, they will reach the point of feeling secured and safe inside. 

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However, if you need to go away, we recommend finding a pet sitter or friend to stay with your puppy while you are away. You should gradually leave your home and increase the amount each time you do it.

We recommend you take it for a long walk before leaving them for a more extended period.