Could Your Skull Mount Endanger Your Feathered Friend? Here’s How to Ensure a Safe Avian Abode


A skull mount is a majestic decor piece. Whether a cherished family heirloom or a recent ethical acquisition, it always adds a touch of intrigue. It even becomes a good conversation starter.

But what if your home also flutters with feathered friends? Can this seemingly harmless display become a hazard for your beloved birds?

Let’s find out.

Potential Risks for Avian Companions

While the inherent danger is minimal, bird-specific risks exist. Some of those issues are:

  • Choking Hazard: Small bone fragments or dislodged teeth, if accessed, could pose a choking hazard, especially for curious parrots or smaller birds.
  • Bacterial Growth: Improperly cleaned or preserved skulls can harbor bacteria harmful to birds if ingested.
  • Possessive Behavior: Territorial birds might view the mount as a competitor and exhibit aggressive behavior like screeching, biting, or attempting to attack.
  • Stress and Anxiety: The sight or scent of a skull, especially from a bird species, can stress some birds, potentially leading to feather plucking or self-destructive behaviors.

Now that we know that a skull mount may be dangerous, the following are ways to make them safe.

Secure Mounting

The foundation of a bird-safe skull mount begins with secure mounting. Firmly attach the skull to a wall or base, eliminating any risk of it falling and causing injury to your bird. This step protects your pet and preserves the mount’s integrity.

Thorough Cleaning and Preservation

Invest in professional cleaning and preservation services for recently acquired mounts to eliminate bacterial concerns. Birds are sensitive creatures, and maintaining a clean environment is crucial for their well-being. A sanitized skull mount ensures a safe and hygienic addition to your home decor.

Strategic Placement

Strategically placing your skull mount is another critical element in ensuring your bird’s safety. Display the mount in areas inaccessible to birds, such as high shelves, closed display cases, or rooms they rarely visit. This prevents unwanted interactions and allows your bird to explore its surroundings without encountering potential hazards.

Regular Inspections

Regularly inspect the skull mount for loose fragments or exposed edges that could pose a choking danger. Address any issues promptly to maintain a hazard-free environment. Proactive maintenance ensures your pet’s and your decorative piece’s long-term safety and enjoyment.

Additional Considerations:

  • Bird personality: Consider your bird’s personality when deciding on the placement of the skull mount. If your bird has a history of aggression or destructiveness, avoid caution and keep the mount out of reach.
  • Species consideration: Additionally, be mindful of species-specific concerns, especially if you have prey birds that might be particularly sensitive to predatory animal mounts.
  • Case the mount or use replicas: For those seeking safer alternatives, explore options such as framed photos, replicas made of safe materials, or artistic animal representations. These alternatives allow you to indulge your decorative taste while prioritizing the safety of your feathered companion.

Keep Your Bird Safe and Home Beautiful

Prioritize the safety of your bird and your skull mount’s integrity. Combined with these precautions, responsible pet ownership can ensure a harmonious, feathered, and bony household.

These steps create an environment where your captivating decor and beloved bird can coexist without compromising safety.