Little Known Facts About Grooming Dryers


If you groom a lot of dogs, you may already have a dog grooming table, so you know how convenient they are. But did you ever think about faster ways to get the dog dry? The good news is that dog grooming dryers are here! Below are some of the benefits of a dog grooming dryer.

First, you will enjoy faster dryer times. These dryers blow at a high rate and it’s great for betting rid of the extra water from the coat. It also will remove much of the loose hair from the dog’s undercoat.

A high-velocity dryer uses air pressure to penetrate the dog’s thick coat and get rid of water. It’s one of the fastest ways to get your dog dry. The unit also can be used to dry the more sensitive areas of your dog, unlike other products. The grooming dryer also will dry the inner and outer coat well, so you spend less time drying the dog.

Second, a grooming dryer can be used for many coat types. If you handle a lot of dogs with many different coats, you will really like having one of these dryers. You can dry all different types of coats very quickly and will be able to service more dogs.

Third, a grooming dryer has the huge benefit of getting out so much of the loose fur that usually ends up all over the house. If have a dog with a heavy coat, a grooming dryer will get rid of so much of that extra dog hair.

It’s customary for a furry dog to have a lot of loose hair stuck in the skin after you bathe him. You may not notice it for the first day, but the fur eventually starts to go everywhere in your home. No matter if you hire a groomer or grooming dogs yourself, you will notice that having the dog dried fast after bathing gets rid of so much of that pet fur.

Also, the dryer will blow shampoo from the coat when you are doing a second lather, so the dog will get even cleaner than before. On a related note, the dryer also gives you a clear view of the dog’s skin so it’s simple to see mats, tangles and fur balls.

Clearly, using a grooming dryer offers you many benefits, so make sure you consider one today!