Why is Preventive Health Care Important for Dogs?

Pet Care

Health care is very important for your pets. You need to incorporate a good plan where your pets get checked by a vet, you provide proper dental care and grooming. In particular, dogs grow faster than human beings. That means there are various changes that happen to their body within a short time. Therefore, it is vital to provide proper preventive care to maximize their health, quality of life, and wellness. It is very easy for a dog to develop illnesses related to age like diabetes, cancers, kidney disease, arthritis, and others. So, regular checkups and preventive care help in identifying these illnesses or risk factors and solving them early. Detecting the risk factors early helps you and your vet to decide on the right care plan to develop for the companion friends. The care can include medication, change of diet, or lifestyle. There are many reasons why preventive health care is vital for dogs, and this article will list down some of them for you.

Preventive health care involves regular examinations to ensure the maintaining of optimal health of the furry friend. It is significant in the following ways.

Dog’s History

When creating a care plan, you discuss with the vet your dog’s past behavior. This helps the expert to get an idea of how your dog has been and their overall health. Problems like destructive chewing could be a result of an underlying problem, and once you discuss such things with the vet, they will know the right measures to take.


Whether your dog is sick or not, medical examinations are necessary. These examinations help to ensure your dog is in good health and even notice any changes with their health before they become huge problems. Such examinations can detect tumors, skin infections, skipped beats, and others and help in deciding if the pet needs further medication.


The Melrose Vet provides dog immunization. This is an important element whether your dog has been sick or not. Your dog should get vaccinated for distemper, rabies, and other conditions. They also need canine influenza and kennel cough vaccinations to prevent exposure to diseases.

Dental Care

Just like humans, your dog’s oral health influences their overall health. So, you need to make sure the dog is safe from harmful bacteria that can invade the blood from the mouth. Preventive health care involves dental care where the dog gets dental cleaning and regular checkups.

Weight Management

According to studies, lean dogs live a bit longer than overweight ones. They also have fewer problems related to health. So, assigning a vet ensures a weight management plan to help the dog maintain its health.

Parasite Prevention

Your companion friend requires medication to help prevent things like heartworms. Most of the medications that prevent heartworms also prevent parasites like fleas and ticks. So, applying preventive health care comes with this benefit.

Closing Thoughts!

Dogs cannot talk, and that means you have full responsibility for ensuring they are in good health. Pet critical care seattle wa is vital to keep your dog’s health on track and ensure you detect the risk health factors. An early diagnosis helps in making treatment successful and helps your dog to live healthier and longer.