5 Best Exercises For Your Beagle


Humans alone do not need exercise, even dogs do. If you thought simply playing fetch with your beloved beagle was enough to give it the right amount of exercise, you are wrong. 

If you’re looking for what type of exercise does a beagle need, you’re in the right place.

Among the many dog breeds we know of, mature beagles are prone to laziness. So, how can you beat that?

If you’re thinking about how to get your beagle to stop being a couch potato, keep reading to find all your answers right here.

Let’s look at some of the exercises to teach your dog.

Are Beagles Energetic?

If you adopted a beagle, you most certainly knew what you were getting into because beagles are an energetic breed. 

If you have questions like, “How much activity does a Beagle need?” you should know that this medium-sized dog may be friendly but it is hyperactive needing at least half an hour of exercise every day.

Once your pooch is tired, it will give in to its sleeping beauty persona and sleep for 10 to 12 hours every day. Younger puppies and older beagles require more sleep as they get tired quite easily.

As they grow up, they will be the first to race to the door at the sound of the doorbell. However, it is almost impossible to give in to those dark brown or hazel eyes, pleading to play with you all while wagging its tail furiously.

Personality and etiquette are also shaped by raising and training.

Beagles can become fairly lazy and can only move about if there’s a tasty treat involved. Here’s when you need to introduce positive reinforcements or else your beagle will simply get bored. They are satisfied in staying put only to get up occasionally for food and water.

Make sure to prevent this from happening as exercise is important for a pet to stay healthy.

Best Exercises Your Beagle Will Enjoy

Beagles are known to be scent hounds, therefore, you will always find them digging in the yard or searching for something that interests them. Now, this kind of energy needs to be channeled somewhere, or else it can become destructive.

Despite their active nature, they tend to become overweight when they hit adolescents. It is suitable if they get their daily dose of exercise for at least about an hour per day.

So, let’s dive in and see what type of exercise does a beagle need?


Walking is the best exercise for beagles as it helps them stretch their muscles and burn some energy.

“How far should you walk a beagle?” Besides playtime and fun games in the garden, you should take your beagle for brisk walks at least twice a day for about 30-40 minutes – that’s about a mile at an average pace. This helps in maintaining muscle mass, releasing pent-up energy, and keeping the metabolism working well.

You can take your beagle to a dog park or even go on a hike, just make sure your pooch is not out of breath and is comfortable with the set pace.


While beagles can swim like most dogs, it is not something they enjoy for starters. Some of them hate it so much that they refuse to enter the water. Make sure to never force them as they may get aggressive. This is why it is crucial to begin swimming lessons early on.

Once they get the hang of it, it is simply extended playtime for them. Swimming helps cool your beagle in the summers, it helps stimulate your pooch’s mind and about 30 minutes of rigorous training is good for your beagle’s health.  

Cardio Exercises

Cardio is the best for active dogs like beagles. This should be done at least once a week.

You will need to include short but intense activities like running after a ball, playing fetch, or catching a frisbee. This is a brilliant opportunity to teach your pooch some commands like ‘fetch’, ‘catch’, and ‘return.’

Proper exercise is known to increase the life expectancy of dogs and beagles are no different. With the right training and exercise, they shed moderately.


The moment you open your front door, your beagle will rush out as if it has been caged forever. Be it an open field or a dog park, beagles enjoy the thrill of running.
A beagle pup is ready to begin running exercises around six months of age, but don’t overdo it. Be sure to keep an eye out if you have removed the leash of your pup or else it will take off.

Beagles love open space. You shouldn’t trust them off-leash – they will sniff out a scent and follow their nose to catch anything that runs.

“How do you train a Beagle to run with you?” Unlike Bulldogs or Saint Bernards, beagles make for great running companions for short distances. While you jog, your furry friend can keep up on short runs for about 3 miles before getting exhausted, so keep their fatigue levels in mind and make sure that they’re well-hydrated. 

How far should a Beagle walk a day? You’ve now got your answer.

Tug of War

Exercise can be made fun without your pooch having to know it. Playing tug of war with your beagle manages to score some physical activity while your dog gets every bit of attention he needs. 

You need to get a small rope or make one with a towel and offer it to your pet. Your dog will try his best to tug at it until he wins or gets tired. (Whichever happens first) Either way, it makes for a never-ending entertaining game and a good workout, both rolled into one. 

You will have to initiate a few rules before you begin:

  • Your dog is not supposed to grab your hand. If he does, leave the toy and avoid him for a bit.
  • You need to teach him to ‘drop’ the toy when asked to.
  • Your beagle cannot take the toy without being commanded by you. Use commands like ‘take it’, ‘leave it’, and ‘drop’, need to be taught. 

How Much Exercise Do Beagles Need Daily?

Beagle puppies are mischievous, full of energy, and always in the mood to play. Be it running, swimming, or playing with your dog, it is essential to get enough exercise to keep them healthy, fit, and happy.

This would involve 60 minutes every day for a full-grown healthy beagle.

Bear in mind, unlike other dog breeds, the amount of exercise your beagle needs depends on their age, weight, and fitness. As beagles love meals and treats, watch out for obesity issues keeping in mind to schedule exercise goals.

How do I make my beagle muscular? Some dog breeds can build muscle quicker than other breeds. Keep in mind beagles are naturally muscular dogs, originally bred for hunting. With a proper diet and training, your beagle will be fit, and healthy – so there’s no need to do anything extra with them.

Best Age to Start Exercising Your Beagle

Considering beagles are active pets, it is hard to believe that this breed does not completely develop its skeletal system until 18 months of age. Having said that, puppies should be walked for just a mile per day and spread over numerous short walks.

On the other hand, older beagles should be taken for brisk walks twice a day for about 20-30 minutes.

Hence, it is important to not over-exercise regularly as this can prevent the normal growth of bones. Remember to take it slow until your pup has taken all its shots.


We all want the best for our beagles, and figuring out the best exercises is one of them.

Now that we understand what type of exercises does a beagle need, planning new exercises shouldn’t be any difficult. Remember, exercising is essential for your dog’s health and well-being and this works as a great idea to bond together.