Steps To Take After A Pet Cancer Diagnosis


You may know that cancer in pets is common. In fact, this year, about six million dogs and six million cats will be diagnosed. Although a cancer diagnosis for your pet can be disappointing, it does not necessarily mean there is no hope. With today’s modern improvements in veterinary cancer care, some pets are living longer, more fulfilled lives. In some cases, certain cancer types in pets can go into a lengthy remission. However, it’s important to note that not all cancers are the same. For this reason, it’s critical to do your research and learn about your pet’s illness. Reach out to your veterinarian with any questions and concerns, and he or she should be able to guide you through this difficult journey.

Stick to your normal routine — whether that’s going for daily walks or playing at the dog park. Remember that your furry pup doesn’t know about their cancer diagnosis. However, they may sense your moods and emotions. For this reason, it’s important to remain levelheaded and keep your pet’s life as normal as possible by maintaining their usual routine. You might also consider reaching out to support groups online or in your community. Talking with other pet owners who are going through a similar situation may be beneficial.

For more steps to take after a pet cancer diagnosis, see the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by PetCure Oncology.