How To Scare Off Cows When Hiking


There’s no denying that passionate hikers must take possible precautions against cows when crossing fields. This is especially common in the US, where hiking troops often encounter domestic cows in farm areas, around the Swiss Alps, or other alpine regions while not knowing how to scare off cows.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of significant steps on how people can scare away cows when hiking.

  • If you have gone hiking with your dogs, then you must keep them under control. It is essential to mention that dogs can often trigger domestic cows, resulting in an underwhelming experience. If there’s a situation where herds of cows are charging at your dog, you must let the dog go to distract the chasing party. This will allow you to look for safety while the dog can keep the animals at bay.
  • You must always avoid walking straight into a group of cows, regardless of your hiking path is leading you through the pack of animals. You can wave hiking poles gently towards the domestic animals to encourage them to move over.
  • Next in line, you must ensure a complete evaluation of the nearby area if you come across cows with no established hiking path. You must never try walking directly towards cows since if you are in the middle of an alpine meadow, you will be potentially flirting with cliffs or other steep terrains.
  • Lastly, you must ensure that you are visible to any potential cow in the distance, not to surprise them once you are nearby. It is essential to mention that cows don’t have a straight line of vision. Hence please make your presence known to them via your voice or other physical activity.
  • It would be best if you remained calm in front of a cow regardless of the situation. Most cow-inflicted hiking accidents originate when hikers react erratically or aggressively out of fear.