Your Options to Choose the Best Bengal Kitten


Searching for a pet on the Internet can involve risks, especially in the case of wanting to buy a cat as special and expensive as the Bengal cat, so it is important that you take into account whether the seller is a professional. The ideal is to look for a cattery that gives us confidence, that is, that answers all our doubts, that is knowledgeable about Bengal cats and, if possible, that has been recommended by other bengal breeders or by satisfied clients.

The Minimum and The Options

You must know that kittens need a minimum of 12 weeks with their mother before being delivered so that they do not suffer stress, their immune system develops, and they grow properly, so it is better to distrust whoever wants to accelerate this process. For that you will have to know the Bengal cat price.

  • Once you have contacted the breeder, the ideal is to visit the facilities to see what state the animals are in and check that they have the legal and hygienic conditions to be able to develop the business. Whether you go to the kennel, or if the animal is sent to our home, you must verify that it is in good health, both physical and mental, as well as that it has been duly vaccinated, dewormed and, if it is older than four months, sterilized; the latter is done with the intention of avoiding indiscriminate breeding and not devaluing the breed. If the puppy is still too young to have it spayed, the owner must agree to spay it before it is six months old.

Bengal cat

Experts recommend a complete checkup within 72 hours of your arrival home, a visit in which, in addition to checking that everything is in order and that your health is optimal, you can take the opportunity to put the chip on you if you have not already done so in the hatchery.

Adaptation of the Bengal cat to the home

Before your arrival at home, it is advisable to have everything ready so that you feel at home when you arrive: your food, your feeder and drinker, a toy or scratching post, and a litter box for your needs. Bengal kittens are curious, active and sociable felines who enjoy playing with whoever lends them to it, so they do not usually have adaptation problems, and the process is usually very fast. However, there are a number of considerations that you must take into account when receiving our Bengal cat at home:

  • If the Bengal Cattery Jungle Kitten is going to live with another cat or a dog at home, you must wait a few days for him to adapt, and to meet his new companion. You must always supervise that everything is running correctly to avoid any unforeseen or problems.

In the event that you have several dogs or cats, it is important not to put the Bengal on from the first day with the whole gang, but to do it progressively and, of course, respecting the rhythms of our new friend at all times. You can observe a slower evolution than if it were only a partner, or none, but they end up adapting very well.