What’s Causing That Itch? Common Skin Conditions In Dogs

Pet Health

Acne. Itchy spots. Rashes. Irritation. You may be shocked to learn that humans are not the only ones who suffer from skin conditions. In fact, dogs are particularly susceptible to a variety of skin conditions, many of which may not recover fully without proper attention. Here’s a closer peek at some of the most common skin conditions your pup may develop and how you can help them.

How do you know your dog has a skin condition? Often, licking is one of the first signs. Your dog may lick the same part of its body constantly, in an effort to soothe irritation or itching. Other symptoms include redness; rashes; skin flakes; lumps and bumps; and patches of hair loss.

Dandruff, or flaky skin, can also affect your dog. Some dogs are simply more predisposed to having dry skin, especially during winter; in other cases, dandruff can be a symptom of an infection. For more information on how to treat these common skin conditions, check out the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by Banixx