What Should You Ask A Dog Groomer?


So, you are looking for the best dog grooming services and you are wondering how to ensure that you are getting your dream groomer. You need to start by doing diligent research. Search online and ask family and friends for their recommendations to find top mobile dog grooming morristown nj in your area.

Once you have narrowed down your options, you need to have an in-person conversation with your potential groomer. The way they discuss your concerns and the answers they give will tell you a lot about them. This therefore means that you should know what questions to ask your groomer-to-be to ensure that you are ending up with your dream grommet. In most cases, just a few fair of questions like the ones we have shared with you below should be enough to help you know if you are talking to the person you should actually put your dog’s care into.

  • May I take a look at your facility? 

Before putting your four-legged friend into another person’s care for grooming, you should first check the groomer’s facility. How does the facility look? Does it smell good? You will definitely want to see a well-equipped salon, well-ventilated, pet-friendly products, sturdy tubs and tables, and clean workstations. Ask yourself if you are comfortable leaving your dog in that place. 

  • What other services do you provide apart from haircut, shampoo and brushing?

You will definitely want to understand what dog grooming services a grooming salon or groomer offers. Dog groomers have the knowledge and right tools for cleaning ear, trimming nails and removing mats. Professional grommets can usually make you aware of skin infections, tooth decay, and ear infections.

  • Have you ever handled my dog’s breed?

It is good to find a groomer who already has some experience with your dog’s breed. This is because some dog breeds have particular grooming needs. Ask the groomer whether he or she is aware of the breed standard. Also ask him or her whether they can actually perform the right haircut for your breed.  

  • What kind of grooming training do you have? 

Dog grooming services are not provided by laymen. The groomer mush have some kind of training. Training may usually vary; some groomers attend classes at recognized pet grooming schools, while other learn about the job through mentoring programs or apprenticeships. You will want to know more about the groomer’s knowledge, training, and experience. Don’t shy away from asking your groomer-to-be any questions you might have about the dog grooming services and about your dog’s care.