What is Bird Netting and Pigeon Netting?


Setting up nylon bird netting or pigeon netting in a bird proofing application is a possibly intricate operation and also needs to be well analyzed prior to starting job. In most cases nylon bird netting is given at height and typically in locations that are difficult to access, so it is essential to guarantee that specialist access equipment is offered such as a scissor lift or ‘cherry picker’. Health and wellness is likewise a significant factor to consider and if a ‘house’ setup is being taken on a comprehensive danger evaluation should initially be accomplished.

Where is Bird Netting Used?

Nylon bird netting as well as pigeon netting can be seen on buildings in communities and cities all over the globe where it is utilized as a pigeon exemption gadget; farmers additionally utilize bird netting thoroughly to safeguard valuable fruit plants from strike by wild birds. In farming atmospheres bird netting is often the only physical exclusion device available to farmers to shield fruit plants, although in many situations the use of netting will be complimented by bird terrifying items such as killer balloons and noise-related tools.

The ‘knotted’ type of polyethylene bird net has actually traditionally been the most generally specified netting for the purposes of bird proofing job, a brand-new ‘knotless’ multi-strand polypropylene netting has been made which is both lighter as well as more powerful than the ‘bound’ polyethylene version. These aspects make the knotless netting more affordable to transfer, much easier to install and negates the demand to draw the nets into shape as is required with knotted polyethylene netting. Skyline Bird Netting InstallationSkyline Bird Netting InstallationNylon bird netting and also pigeon netting is an extremely versatile product in a bird proofing application as well as can be utilized to safeguard vertical, sloping or horizontal surfaces.

Bird Netting Installation

Nylon bird netting and pigeon netting is an exceptionally flexible item in a bird proofing application and also can be utilized to safeguard upright, sloping or straight surface areas. Generally, nylon bird netting has its main application where the defense of the fascia of a building is concerned and also would usually be offered in a vertical application. The product is, nevertheless, sometimes used to safeguard roof locations where the net is suspended on posts or bolted to architectural features. Nylon bird netting can also be supplied in box-section installments where, for instance, a U-shaped area of a structure is totally netted with both horizontal and also vertical surfaces being produced.

Nylon bird netting or pigeon netting is an item that is not usually suggested for home installment, because of the complexity of the setup as well as the variety of tools as well as materials required to achieve a lasting installation. It will normally be required to engage a specialist professional to carry out a house setup unless the area to be safeguarded is little as well as the homeowner is prepared to research the process as well as identify a source of the products needed. With the arrival of the net, bird nets, pigeon nets and associated items are more widely available to the homeowner and also it is possible to source the products with relative simplicity.

Pigeon Netting Suspension System

The different determines are required to guarantee that

  1. a) the opening is tiny enough to literally prevent the target varieties from getting in the netted area and…
  2. b) if the netting is provided flat the target types will certainly not be able to perch or walk on the netting.

One of the main problems intrinsic with the use of nylon bird netting and pigeon netting for the protection of buildings is where more than one varieties is roosting on a structure.

Bird net and pigeon netting utilized in the farming industry differ considerably in size as well as kind depending on the target types worried as well as the sort of crop or setting to be shielded. Extensively talking there are 2 various sorts of bird and also pigeon netting readily available, ‘Oriented’ and also ‘Extruded’ netting. Both kinds of netting are built from either polyethylene or polypropylene. ‘Focused’ netting is extended under controlled problems to generate a high tensile as well as lightweight bird net which is usually made use of for horizontal applications. Applications would consist of crop or pond treatments, defense from aggressive or hassle birds or security from light air-borne particles. ‘Extruded’ plastic netting is produced in a constant process resulting in a secure net framework where the hole size is held constant, unlike a woven or knitted product. ‘Extruded’ netting is typically used in upright applications such as walls for pens, splitting up in water, filtration, killer control or physical barriers for fruit crops.

The fundamental concept of safeguarding a structure with bird netting or pigeon netting is to totally exclude the target varieties from the mesh area. To attain this goal the netting has to be mounted according to manufacturer’s suggestions and to an extremely high requirement. The netting is kept in location by a suspension system that entails the provision of very tensioned steel or stainless steel cord rope around the perimeter of the area to be shielded. As soon as the cable has been installed and tensioned the netting is then connected to the cable by maintaining clips called ‘hog rings’. The netting is drawn tight and also square prior to the final keeping clips being set up. The netting is then inspected to guarantee that there are no gaps huge sufficient for the target varieties to get in the netted location and this completes the installation.

Large Agricultural Netting Installations

The installation of nylon bird netting in a farming application is relatively straightforward and also although there are a significant number of setup permutations based on the range of fruit/vegetable crops that are safeguarded in this method, the fundamental installment process is comparable. Installation usually includes curtaining the netting over the plant to be shielded with the netting being linked off in some instances as well as in other applications simply left to lie loosened.

The installation of nylon bird netting as well as pigeon netting in a city bird proofing application is very different to an agricultural application and also can be an extremely specialized procedure reliant on the height of the location to be safeguarded and the extent of the bird-related problem being experienced. The process of setting up nylon bird and pigeon netting on a building is every little bit as important as picking the proper scale or colour of net required to exclude the target species, as well as to preserve the aesthetic appeals of the building.

Pigeon Netting – Standard 50mm

Standard nylon bird netting as well as pigeon netting is 0.071″ (1.8034mm) thick comprising of 6 strands that are 0.012″ (0.3048 mm) thick. Many nylon bird netting is pre-stretched under 9 tons of stress as well as is then ‘heat set’. Warmth setup includes extending the net and also after that injecting steam over it for a prolonged duration of time.

Nylon bird netts as well as pigeon netting are offered in a variety of various colours including black, ‘rock’ and also translucent. Nylon bird netting that is used in the agricultural field is additionally readily available in a selection of colours however in many cases the colour of the net is of less significance than it would be when used to secure buildings.

Most types of Total Bird Control nylon bird netting as well as pigeon netting that are used for bird proofing work are made from either polyethylene or polypropylene that has been maintained versus ultra violet light. One of the most usual sort of netting made use of for bird proofing is polyethylene UV supported net with a 12/6 twine. A flame retardant net is also generally offered and a bulk of the numerous kinds and also dimensions of net can be fire-retarded on demand. Numerous companies now offer fire-retarded net as criterion. The ‘knotted’ kind of polyethylene bird net has actually historically been the most frequently defined net for the functions of bird proofing job, a brand-new ‘knotless’ multi-strand polypropylene netting has been developed which is both lighter as well as more powerful than the ‘bound’ polyethylene variation. Knotless netting is around 70% more powerful than standard knotted polyethylene netting and is also 30% lighter. The item usually has a melting point that is nearly 50% more than knotted polyethylene netting. These variables make the knotless netting less costly to move, easier to install and also negates the demand to draw the net into form as is called for with knotted polyethylene netting. The knotless net is frequently suggested for bigger applications, specifically horizontal applications.

Both ‘extruded’ and also oriented’ netting is offered in a vast array of dimensions. ‘Focused’ netting, one of the most frequently used of both types, is typically readily available in dimensions ranging from 5mm square (1/5″) with to 100mm square (4″), with one of the most commonly utilized dimension being 7mm (1/4″). ‘Extruded’ netting is readily available in two different forms, diamond mesh or square mesh as well as usually varies in dimension from 4mm (1/6″) via to 42mm (1 3/5″).

Nylon bird netting as well as pigeon netting is made to endure a wide variety of weather condition and also ecological conditions. The item is chemically inert, will not rot neither soak up water and also is UV shielded. These aspects make sure that in maximum problems and presuming that the netting has been mounted and kept according to producers’ recommendations as well as using a corrosion-resisting suspension system, nylon bird netting has a working life of ten years or even more according to one UK distributor.

Total Bird Control nylon bird netting and also pigeon netting is utilized thoroughly as a bird exemption device to protect both buildings and also agricultural crops. Nylon bird netting and also pigeon netting can be seen on structures in communities as well as cities all over the globe where it is made use of as a pigeon exclusion tool; farmers also make use of bird netting extensively to shield important fruit plants from assault by wild birds.

Nylon bird netting as well as pigeon netting is used to omit a substantial variety of various varieties of birds consisting of pigeons, gulls, sparrows, starlings and so on, with a different gauge of netting being needed for every varieties of bird.