Things To Consider Before Owning a Jack Russell Cross

Pet Care

Dogs are the most loyal animal on earth. Their cuteness wins the hearts of people all around the world and they make a great playmate as well. There are several breeds of dog that make excellent pets. Today’s article is all about Jack Russell cross dogs such as the Patterjack and Jackapoo.

If you are planning to bring a Jack Russell Cross into your home, you need to know about their behavior and requirements. As long as you are prepared, it will be a good decision to own a dog and spend quality time with him/her.

Taking care of your Jack Russell Cross

  • More Space To Play

These dogs need a huge amount of space to run and play. If you have a small house with a small garden, then it wouldn’t be the best place for a Jack Russell or a Jack Russell cross. They prefer to live in a house with a large garden and will need regular walks and exercise (more about that later!)

  • Food

Jack Russells like to eat kibble (dried food) and also wet meaty dog food. If you serve your dog meat dog food then it’s a good idea to supplement his diet with biscuits. Arrange a place where he eats his food on a daily basis.

  • Exercise 

Before you get a Jack Russell Cross dog like a Patterjack, you need to plan for time for exercise. These dogs like to spend a lot of time with their owner. They will need at least two half hour walks per day. You will also need to buy the dog toys and plan free time in your busy schedule to play with him/her. They love playing fetch and tug-o-war.

  • Think Of Their Friends

Like humans, animals also love making friends and spending time with them. You will need to visit dog parks or neighbors who also have pet dogs to make sure that they are socialized. In this way, your Jack Russell will be happy and healthy through meeting new friends and playing with them.

  • Jack Russell Health

Jack Russells are quite sturdy dogs and live until around 15 years old. However, like humans, dogs can also get infected with viruses and disease. So you need to follow a scheduled routine checkup for your Jack Russell once a year. Make sure your dog has his vaccinations to protect against Canine diseases and also regular worming and flea treatments. 

  • Need To Give Training

Jack Russells are prey driven so they love chasing rats, cats, rabbits, and other small living creatures! This can make them hard to train. However, they are eager to please their owner and they pick up basic obedience and tricks well with positive reinforcement trying (treats for correct actions!)

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