Soothing your Dog’s Pain & Inflammation with CBD



If you are wanting to know what CBD is, this article will try to take care of any questions you have. CBD is an extract from the hemp plant; one of over 113 cannabinoids that is found in hemp. Cannabinoids react with the ECS (Endocannabinoid System) in all mammals not just humans but also dogs and cats. The ECS regulates many of the major functions of the body such as:

  • Pain sensation
  • Nervous system
  • Immune system
  • And more

Although CDB comes from the hemp plant it is not the part that would get your dog “high” – that is the THC extract from hemp. Important reminder, you should never give your dog THC from hemp as it is quite harmful to them


With humans as well as dog’s inflammation occurs for many reasons. It is the body’s way of signalling to the immune system there is a place that needs help healing. Humans usually take NSAIDs for inflammation and they are also prescribed for dogs but have some harsh side effects. Never give your dog NSAIDs made for humans as they are poison for dogs. But CBD reduces the inflammation by reducing prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are the mechanism used in the formation of inflammation as well as pain. But CBD reduces prostaglandins production by stopping the formation of inflammation as well as helping the pain also.


CBD is also able to reduce or block any pain receptors in turn inhibiting or reducing your dog’s sense of pain. In other words, CBD stops or reduce the brain from receiving any pain signals by intercepting it before it reaches the brain. CBD interacts with the ECS and reduces or stops the pain signal.


Research plus the using of CBD have made vets as well as pet owners see how well it helps with dogs’ pain and offers other information at the same time. You can go to the website at to find more information on CBD and what it can be used for.

Use for your dog

CBD is quite capable of aiding you with your dog’s pain and inflammationat the same time. If you want to try CBD for your dog it is recommended that you go to an established, trusted and well-reviewed company such as HolistaPet.