Qualitative Collars for Dogs at Affordable Prices

Pet Care

When choosing a collar for a small puppy or adult dog, you need to consider the breed and the age of the animal. Accessories should not rub the skin, cause inconvenience and pain. Collars for dogs are made of leather, synthetics, metal, fabric, slings and cords, combining different materials. For example, the same type of the collar is not suitable for an exhibition or training.

Types of Accessories

Slip collars with a metal chain wear on the pets of the large breeds, and on the small dogs. They are used when animals train or are presented at exhibitions. Such collars are suitable for every day.

The effect of “strangulation” is present in the upbringing of a puppy by his mother. The links for the chain are made of copper, brass or iron. The iron is quite durable, but it causes irritation. For pets with long fur, it is advisable to purchase an accessory with large links.

Prong collar is chosen so that it does not turn out to be tight or hang out, since the spikes in this wide collar provoke pain while tensioning. Such accessories are made in the form of plates, which can be wire. Prong collars are used only while training. For daily use they are not suitable. For short- haired pets are suitable collars with short spikes.

Collars for Walking

Accessories which dogs wear when they are taken to the park, to the forest or to the street, have a ring to which a leash is attached. For evening walks, you can buy LED dog collar which charges by accumulator. They are made of nylon with batteries, which operate continuously for a couple of hours with different mode options. With a leash which attaches without problems, the accessory serves as the main collar. Thanks to elements that reflect light, the car driver will always see the animal in the dark.

Collars for Other Purposes

The collar for exhibitions should be not only convenient for the animal, but also fit to the color of the dog’s fur. In the market there are synthetic products decorated with a chain or cord. For shepherd dogs, collars are supplemented with metal rings.

In accessories for guard dogs the belt is threaded through the ring and only then fastened. For training are used collars equipped with a handle. A ring of a leash can be attached to the handle.

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