Preparing Your Home For A New Puppy

Pet Care

A new addition to the family brings with it much excitement, joy, and a healthy dose of preparation for their homecoming. Just as you would set up a nursery for your newborn, so too should you get your home ready for the arrival of a new puppy.

Create Comfort

Your four-legged friend is likely to feel overwhelmed as they are removed from their mother to move to their forever home. Make the transition easier by creating a special space just for them. Purchase a comfortable dog bed, a warm blanket, their own special bowls, and some toys. Show them around their new home, returning them to their dedicated area a few times. Also, ensure that you purchase Acana Puppy Food that is specially formulated for puppies; these are filled with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your pet healthy and sated. 

Grooming Equals Bonding

For many families, their dog becomes a true member of the family. The first few days are going to be unchartered waters for you, your family, and your puppy. If you have small children in the home, prepare them well in advance for the dog’s arrival. Guide them to curb their delight for the first few days; this will allow the puppy to get used to their new surroundings. Teach your little ones to be gentle with the new pet as they may snap or even bite out of surprise. 

An excellent solution to getting the kids and the puppy used to one another is to have them participate in regular grooming sessions. Keep your pet’s coat in top shape by bathing and brushing them regularly. Be sure to invest in high-quality, durable grooming tools, such as grooming brushes for dogs, eye and ear cleaning items, and canine dental supplies.


To your dog, you are the pack leader. This is a role that you must take seriously. If your dog is disobedient or unnecessarily destructive, you will need to discipline them. Avoid physical punishments as this may lead your dog to bite you or your children in retaliation; instead, opt for time-outs or ‘corner time’. 

It is vital to be consistent in disciplining your pet when they exhibit bad behaviour. You can’t chastise your puppy for urinating on the floor one time and do nothing the next time the same thing happens. This creates confusion within them. They will eventually learn to go outside for the purpose. Every time they do, reward them with due praise.


Exercise is essential to keep your pet in excellent physical shape. As with grooming, it also acts to strengthen the bond between puppy and pack leader. For the first fortnight, you can train your dog in the confines of your property. Dress them in a puppy harness and walk them around the perimeter of the property. This not only imprints their home and its familiar scents within them, it also allows them to become accustomed to wearing the leash. As they grow, you can upgrade them to a collared leash and take them for long walks in the neighbourhood.

These few tips should steer you in the right direction. Enjoy your new family member; may they bring you a lifetime of pleasure and delight!