Pets and the Perfect Supply Option You Can Get


The way we feed dogs and cats is of great importance: it directly influences the health and longevity of our pets. But how do you make the right choice and find what is best for animals, both in terms of taste and their health? And once you have decided on a type of food, what are the proportions and times of meals to favor? From Celebrity Pets you can get the best supply now.

What Are They Eating?

Dry food and specialized wet food (cans or sachets) buy from the veterinarian. The vast majority of veterinarians recommend opting for food specially developed by specialists in animal nutrition: these are foods that can be purchased in veterinary clinics as well as in specialized shops.

This food, whether it is kibble or wet food, is designed taking into account all the nutritional needs of our pets and also takes into account their oral and intestinal health. In addition, since it is bought from the veterinarian, the latter can recommend a certain brand taking into account everything he knows about your pet’s health. The only problem, which sometimes discourages some people, is its price: sometimes double what you pay at the supermarket. In fact, quality comes at a price, and this is also true for animal feed. It’s just like for us: branded and delicatessen products cost more than the big “no name” supermarket packages.

Croquettes and Wet Food from the Supermarket

There are a large number of brands of pet food. The prices are much more attractive for the wallet and the packaging shows us radiant and full of life animals who are feasting. But is this food really suitable for the needs of our dogs and cats? Veterinarians say no, but the “parents” of domestic animals, more often than not, claim that their companions are doing wonderfully until the day they fall ill! The main problem with grocery store kibbles is that you don’t really know what the proportion of the different ingredients is. Some brands are up to 80% grain, while dogs and cats need a lot more animal protein. Sure, Sometimes an animal may have digestive problems (or other illnesses) while consuming these foods, but it is not always clear whether they are actually caused by the food in question, by heredity or by something else. If a dog or cat has diarrhea or vomiting regularly, a different diet may be better for them. It will then be necessary to test several brands, including those recommended by the veterinarian.

Natural Food, Cooked By You Using Fresh Products

In the past, pets were mostly fed on table scraps and homemade “mash”. We now know that many of the foods we eat are not suitable for animals: too fatty and rich, they do not provide them with the nutrients they need to be in good shape. Worse, they can also cause short-term problems (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting), but also serious disorders and imbalances in the long term.

Be careful, if it can be balanced when you put in the necessary effort, this type of food is very restrictive for the master, because you have to really “calculate” and cook the portions every day. In addition, after having tasted these foods, your dog or your kitty will surely not want to know anything about industrial kibble and you will have to take this into account when traveling, such as during holidays.