Keeping Your Pet Gecko Healthy

Pet Care

Having a gecko lizard as a pet is quite an unusual affair. So, it isn’t surprising that people often fail to take care of them the right way. From missing out on proper feeding cycles to ensuring they have the right environment to grow, there are a lot of factors that create an imbalance. 

Although taking care of Geckos isn’t that hard, there are certain factors worth looking into. 

What Kind Of Environment Does A Gecko Need?

When you are setting up a gecko tank to support your life, there are certain factors worth considering. Optimal care prevents risks of leopard gecko mouth rot, which is fairly common.

  • Dry Environment

Geckos prefer a dry and clean environment in their tank. This applies to the humidity levels in the air too. If possible, try to maintain the humidity in the air between 30-40%.

  • UV light

Although not mandatory throughout the day, the gecko needs UV light exposure now and then. So, when setting up their tank, try to integrate a 2-5% UVB bulb in the tank too. This will ensure optimal exposure for a healthier life.

  • Basking Area

The basking area of a leopard gecko should maintain a temperature between 28 and 30 degrees C during the day. It should drop down a few degrees during the night-time. 

What Do Geckos Eat?

Besides their living conditions, paying attention to their feeding habits is important too. Geckos typically feed on insects, worms and small locusts. Besides these, they also rely on small pieces of vegetables now and then for vitamins and minerals. Also, make sure they have a clean bowl of water to sip on throughout the day.

Taking care of a Gecko, especially a Leopard Gecko isn’t rocket science. However, if you are confused, we’d recommend that you follow these basic pointers to give them a happy and healthy life.