Is It Serious When Your Cat is Sick?


No one likes to be greeted with a pile of cat sick in the morning. Quite apart from the unpleasantness (especially if you discover it foot first), there’s the worry: does this mean my beloved pet is seriously ill?

Today we’re taking a look at this common pet problem to shed some light and help you feel more confident that you’re providing the care your cat needs.

How Serious Is It?

Luckily, in most cases, a sick cat isn’t seriously ill. Upset stomachs are a common occurrence for cats – whether it’s from eating too much or too quickly, or scavenging something that disagrees with them, and the most direct way to solve that problem is to clear out what’s upsetting their stomach!

The best thing to do is ask what to feed a cat with diarrhea and vomiting rather than worrying about a cat diarrhea treatment. It’s not healthy for a cat to miss meals, even one that’s having difficulty holding food down. Instead, offer smaller, regular meals throughout the day of easily digestible food like rice and boiled chicken. This helps to keep them nourished and their digestive system working healthily till they’re feeling better, which normally takes between one and three days.

More Serious Symptoms

In most cases, a cat’s upset stomach is nothing to worry about, but sometimes it’s an indicator of a number of more serious problems. You should be vigilant until your cat recovers, looking for these indicators of a deeper, more serious problem.

Blood in the stool or vomit is a clear indicator of a number of serious problems that require a vet’s attention without delay. While it might be less serious than you fear, this is a symptom of toxin ingestion, cancer and internal injuries among other things and you should get your cat checked out as soon as possible.

Loss of appetite is another potentially serious symptom: as we’ve discussed cats need to eat regularly even when they’re sick and losing their appetite could indicate that they’re in pain or seriously ill. Even if the cause isn’t serious, if your cat isn’t getting enough food, or worse water, they could go downhill quickly.

Lack of energy can be another indicator of a more serious problem – a cat that’s just eaten something that disagrees with it would normally be as energetic and playful as a cat that’s enjoyed a full breakfast. If they’re sluggish, uninterested in play or sleeping more than usual, then there could be a more serious issue to look at.