Interesting Information that You Should Know about White Peacocks


Earth has many kinds of exotic animals. The animals look attractive and beautiful. Peacock is one of them. Peacocks have iconic and unique feathers. In certain situation, a peacock can show its unique shape of feathers. The bird will show its gigantic fan-shaped rear feathers. The size can be very huge compared to its main body and it is what makes the peacocks so beautiful. Mostly, peacocks have combination of blue and green. However, there are actually white peacocks and you should know about it. If you really love exotic animals, it is good to know more about the white peacocks because it will show you something different from the blue-green peacocks that you can easily see in videos and even zoos.

Some people think that white peacocks are albinos. Most people always thinks this way once they find certain species of animals with uncommon color of skins or weather, especially when the color is dominated with white. When you see the white peacocks, you may also have the same ideas because it has no green and blue color anymore on the feathers. All feathers are white so it is totally different from peacocks that you know. However, this anomaly does not make the unique peacocks albinos. In fact, it is more about domesticated version that can be found quite often in Indian peacocks. Instead of albinos, genetic mutations occur on its pigments. Thus, the pigments cannot produce the green, blue, and other colors. As the results, the peacocks are colored in total white. Moreover, most albino animals are found to have red or pink eyes. There is also no other color in the body. However, body of white peacocks is not colorless and it has blue eyes instead of red ones. Then, the peachicks are in yellow in the young white peacocks, but later the colors turn white as the birds grow older. Thus, it actually has color pigments.

Discovery of white peacocks is not something new. When you only know it recently, it only means that the white ones are less popular than the blue-green peacocks that are commonly seen in videos and zoos. First discovery of white peacocks was in 1830. Of course, it is rare to find the peacocks. Even in the nature, the regular peacocks are already rare and it is part of endangered animals so it is rarer to see the white peacocks. The status of its animal is caused by humans who hunt the birds. People hunt them to get the feathers and meats. Loss of natural habitats becomes other reasons. Thus, it will be quite difficult to find the white peacocks unless it is in specially-preserved places. You can also find more information about it in website of proto animal.

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