Important Residential Dog Training Fundamentals


For most dog owners, their dogs are typically well-behaved and do what they are asked. As long as they are well-trained, they should be manageable around other people and other dogs. If this is not the case with your dog, you should consider residential dog training Leeds dog owners rely on when they need professional help.

     Having said that, we are going to  take a look at some important residential dog training fundamentals that can help your dog become more manageable and more receptive to your commands. Let’s get started:

Important Residential Dog Training Fundamentals

Attention- both dogs and people have different factors that motivate them to do something. As humans, we feel good when are able to help out a friend. However, dogs don’t think the same way. Dogs are pack animals by nature and they typically do what they are told through verbal commands or physical cues. Dogs understand praise, but you can’t correct your dog’s behaviour and praise him when he is good if you can’t get his attention. Finding ways to get your dog’s attention is the first step in ensuring that he is properly trained.

Consistency- if you are consistent with your residential dog training methods, your dog will begin to see a clear pattern and obey your commands. There are many different ways to show your dog what you want him to do, whether it is to sit, stay or stop. With consistency, your dog will learn more commands easier and faster.

Timing- timing is important when training your dog. Dogs remember things differently than humans do and it could take them more time to understand just what you want them to do. That means that your dog won’t understand what’s been corrected, if you correct him more than 15 seconds after the mistake was made. You need to respond to your dog’s mistakes immediately to get the best results from your residential dog training experience. This is where a residential dog training Leeds dog owners rely on can really help both you and your dog.

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