Importance of Boerboel Puppies for Sale


If you wish to find fearless and large protectors in combination with a perfect companion who adores other animals and children, you should get a Boerboel.

We are talking about South African mastiffs, which are mastiff-type and significant dogs that are highly agile compared with other large canines. They are imposing, balanced and robust in appearance.

Even though they have great size, Elite Boerboels for sale can move with power and swiftness, which is essential to remember.

When it comes to appearance, they can have black mask faces, horizontal and broad eyes that can be in shades of dark or brown depending on numerous factors.

At the same time, they come with a set high on the head and V-shaped, medium-sized ears. The tail can be docked short or straight and long.

However, tail docking is illegal in most countries, which is something you should remember. They come with loose and thick skin, while they can have dark skin with colored patches to get heat protection, especially on the stomach.

It is vital to understand that a short coat comes in reddish-brown, brown, brindle, tawny, and cream options. In the latest times, you can find the ones with black skins.

A Short History of Boerboels

Everything started when Assyrian dogs entered Egypt after Rome conquered it. Later these dogs went to Europe, and they created hounds and mastiffs, which were both solid and giant breeds.

Bull baiting dogs in the mid-17th century entered South Africa. Similar other breeds combined with bull baiting canine produced Boerboel breed. They joined the Foundation Stock Service of the American Kennel Club in 2006.

Finally, they entered the Working Group in 2015. Besides, they are protective compared with other options available.


Boerboels are both loyal and confident working dogs and companions, which is an essential factor to remember. They are intelligent, but you need to conduct obedience and socialization training to ensure theirtrue personality.

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Even though socialization is essential for puppies, you should take care of and avoid aggressive dogs. They carry the experiences based on traumatic situations, which means they will react defensively and fearful in similar situations.

At the same time, protective instincts are highly potent in this breed. Some people have reported that you must introduce guests to the breed before entering, similar to Tibetan Mastiffs.

The dog is highly protective of property and family, which means they will put their lives against unknown and aggressive intruders that can harm you.

Since they come with protective nature, you should be an experienced dog owner before deciding to train and own Boerboels.

Even though they are highly protective, Boerboels will do everything to please their families. They can be highly affectionate and playful, which is an important consideration to remember.

They enjoy playing with children and kids while also getting along with other animals, cats, and dogs. However, everything depends on individual treatments.

Exercise Requirements

They require daily and long walks to ensure they get proper exercise. At the same time, they are outdoor canines, which means you will need an outdoor backyard to ensure they lose enough energy.

Boerboels will require supervision and fencing, which means you should avoid letting them outside without proper tall. The main reason for that is because they will be wary of strangers due to their intuitive nature.

You should avoid taking them for apartment living, while they should not sleep outdoors, which is an important consideration to remember.

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Grooming Requirements

Compared with other dogs, they are average shedders, which means you do not have to groom them each day. Still, you should conduct occasional baths and brushing to ensure the neatness of the coat.

Regular nails, ears, and teeth cleaning and maintenance are essential, similar to any other dog breed.

Health Issues

You should know that they do not feature recessive genes and potential genetic health conditions and issues.

However, the most common problems include hip dysplasia and bloat, which is criticalwhen visiting a regular veterinarian.

You can find either purebred or sheltered options, but they are rare and not common as other breeds. That is why they come with a high price tag, which is an essential consideration to remember.