How to Use Activated Charcoal for Your Pets


Around for hundreds of years, activated charcoal has plenty of uses inside and outside of the home. Along with helping people in a variety of ways, it can also be used to improve the life of pets kept in the home. With the many products on the market today, activated charcoal can be used to help cats, dogs, fish, and other pets. Learn more about how to use it around the home to help pets today.

Use for Poison Control

Activated charcoal is safe to use for most pets, so it can be used as a form of poison control. If the pet has eaten something that is toxic, activated charcoal works as an antidote to the poisoning. It can be given to dogs, cats, horses, cattle, and other animals including birds. It also comes in a variety of formats, so it’s easy to find the right one for any pet. Always speak with the pet’s veterinarian before use to provide the animal with the correct dosage for their size.

Help Prevent Infections

Wrapping cuts and keeping them clean will help prevent infections, but more can be done to reduce the potential for any issues. opt for wraps made with activated charcoal any time a pet has an injury. The activated charcoal will help remove toxins from the cut and keep bacteria away. This helps the pet heal faster, keeps them healthier, and reduces the possibility of any serious complications from the cut.

Keep Odour from the Litter Box Controlled

Litter boxes are smelly. Many people will purchase expensive litter that is supposed to control the odour, only to find out it doesn’t work as well as advertised. Activated charcoal, on the other hand, does help remove odours from the litter box. Sprinkle a little bit on the litter when it’s poured into the box and replace it whenever the litter is replaced. The number of smells should go down significantly, if not disappear completely.

Give the Pet a Bath

What did the dog or cat get into? If they’ve been playing around outside, they may have run into something smelly, like a skunk, or rolled around in the dirt. Before letting them in the house, give them a bath with activated charcoal. This works well to remove just about any smells from the pet, so they won’t make all of the furniture in the home start to smell when they come inside.

Create Cleaner Water for Fish

Fish need clean water free from chemicals to thrive. Yet, tap water is full of minute traces of chemicals. Even if it’s the only thing available, it’s not a good idea to use tap water alone for fish tanks. Add conditioner when new water is added to the tanks and opt for activated charcoal in the tank’s filter. This helps remove more of the chemicals from the water, so the fish will be healthy and happy.

Ready to give your pets the best? Try out activated charcoal to see how beneficial it can be for any of the pets in your home. Visit Charcoal House now to learn more about their products designed for pets.