How to Train a Dog To Be Less Aggressive?  

Pet Care

If you see an aggressive dog doesn’t think that the dog was born that way. However, if you see your dog doing aggressive stuff such as biting, growling, snapping you should take it seriously and should adjust it by taking professional help.  Dog Trainers Huntington Beach will help you to solve your problem.

Before healing the problem one should the reason for aggression. There are various reasons for aggression. Some of them are:

  • Territorial aggression– The dog defends your home from anyone who is an intruder according to the dog.
  • Fear aggression-When a dog is scared of anyone or any situation it may react aggressively (not every dog’s response are the same).
  • Pain elicits aggression– When in pain a dog may show aggression.
  • Frustration elicited aggression– When a dog is restricted on a leash or on a fenced compound it reacts aggressively.

Methods used to train a dog to be less aggressive

  • Consult your vet

Dogs generally don’t behave aggressively but if all of a sudden it starts showing unfamiliar and aggressive behaviour then there might be chances that it is having some medical problem. Hypothyroidism, neurological problem, internal injuries or pain, epilepsy brain tumours are health problems that lead dogs to react aggressively.

  • Professional help

If medication doesn’t be of much help call a professional trainer or an animal behaviorist. The professional would help you to figure out the rooted cause of your pet’s aggression. You shouldn’t attempt to cure it on your own as you may it a mess.

  • Behave positively for correction

While on a procedure to cure a dog’s aggressiveness being calm is very important. A dog can sense if its parent is angry or nervous while interacting with it.

Avoid punishment.

Punishing dog for aggressive behaviour usually worsen the situation. It escalates its aggression. If you hit or yell at your dog while he is growling, he may try to defend himself and bite you back.

Dogs are not aggressive since birth. They become aggressive due to some reasons. You just need to identify the reason for its aggression and treat him for the same with the help of a professional behaviourist. Be kind and polite to them in this phase of their lives.