How To Teach Your Dogs To Behave While Grooming

Pet Care

Not every pet owner has the luxury or option to bring their dogs to the best dog groomer Apex NC has which can make grooming a challenge. Most dogs love to play in the water and enjoy getting dirty, they usually cannot behave long enough for owners to thoroughly clean and groom them. Usually, after a short bath and a quick scrub, the puppers are running around the house spreading soapy water everywhere.

If you have experienced an unruly or over-anxious dog during at-home grooming, you’re not alone. Just because your dog hasn’t been behaving well during past grooming attempts doesn’t mean you should give up. The best dog groomer Apex NC says that following these tips will help your at-home dog grooming experience change for the better:

1. Line Brushing Technique

Regular fur brushing is beneficial and necessary for all dog, no matter their breed or size. Brushing helps to remove dead hair, matted hair, dirt, and dandruff from the fur and reduce buildup. Brushing their fur regularly also released the natural oils from their skin to make their fur look extra shiny.

While some dogs like being brushed, the same cannot be said for all. The best way to soothe your dog while being brushed is to use the line technique. All you need to do is take a comb with soft bristle and brush in the same direction of fur growth. Go near the skin without actually touching it to avoid hurting your dog.

2. Treats Are The Trick

All dogs love a good treat and are more compelled to behave properly when they are offered the reward of a delicious treat. During the grooming process, give them their favorite treat every time they are calm and well-behaved. This will encourage your puppies to be on their best behavior while getting groomed.

Keep in mind that offering treats isn’t about bribing your dog, it is helping them to relate grooming with a good experience making them look forward to the next session.

3. Introduce The Cleaning Tools

A good way to keep your dog from feeling anxious during grooming is to get them used to the cleaning tools. Giving them enough time to become familiar with the brush, the scrub, and the hose makes them feel more comfortable around these materials. Suddenly bringing out a bucket of grooming tools can frighten a dog and make them more anxious, so try to be more gentle.

4. Stay Calm

Your dog can sense your energy long before the grooming session starts. If they can feel that you are becoming tense, nervous, or agitated, they will begin to panic as well. To help the session feel more inviting and relaxing, try to play soothing music to help you stay calm and grounded.

Grooming is a wonderful bonding experience you can share with your dog. During the first few attempts you will feel their resistance and anxiety, but as long as you make them feel safe they will begin to calm down and maybe even enjoy the process.
Aside from looking and smelling great, a dog groomer Apex NC can help maintain your dog’s coat and skin healthy. Such visits may also lead in the early detection of potential health concerns.