How to Spoil your Dog this Holiday Season

Pet Care


Include your cuddly canine in your search for the best gift discounts while you’re out shopping! Here are some holiday-themed ways you can show your dog some love while keeping them content and healthy. To learn how to reward your dog this Christmas season, continue reading.


As enjoyable as it is to laze around the house all day, occasionally challenging your dog’s brain is entertaining (and healthy). Look for toys for your dog this year that require problem-solving in exchange for a treat reward, such as a ball that your dog must roll around in order for food to fall out of (but be warned, these can get noisy if your dog likes slamming them into walls at high speed like mine does). Other variations of this include toys with tiny openings that your dog must learn to use to get the goodies out or containers with rotating components that your dog must navigate. By burying kibble or food scraps throughout the house like a treat treasure hunt, you may create a similar experience if your budget is on the lesser side this year. Alternatively, if your dog is proficient at “sit” and “stay,” you can hide and your pet will find you!


Even if it may be freezing outdoors, you and your dog can still go on adventures! Additionally, everyone enjoys a snow day. Find a large, open area, let your pet out, and watch them play in the snow. Make sure you don’t forget their favorite ball as you race to see who wins. Consider bundling up your dog if they are little and have short hair. Don’t let them get too cold, so keep an eye out for shivering and only let them play in the snow for approximately 30 minutes at a time.

New Route

The environment (and fragrances) alter as the leaves change from green to vivid reds and oranges and the winter chill brings some snow. Dogs love to sniff, so take them on a different route this Christmas season and let them take in the sights and smells.

Stocking Stuffers

Allow your pet to participate in the gift-giving surprises (they might even enjoy playing around in the colorful wrapping paper). Fill your dog’s stocking with items like a dog harness, squeaky toys, and perhaps a brand-new, festive sweater to keep them warm as they play outside! Delicious, nutritious food. 

Homemade treats

We all enjoy goodies, but your dog shouldn’t receive a treat designed for humans. Never give your dog dairy, alcohol, or chocolate. Find your dog a recipe for a healthy homemade treat instead! Invite your dog to join in the fun in the kitchen as you bake so you can spend more time together. Treats shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake.

Cozy Bed

When it comes to staying warm, winter is the best season, and that goes for your dogs as well! Give your dogs a brand-new bed for Christmas that they’ll want to sleep in all year to share in the experience. Like duvets, dog beds have a plush insert for comfort and removable dog bed covers for style that you may change as needed to suit your (or your dog’s) preferences. You may customize your pet’s bed with their name, a beautiful message, or anything else you can think of, and you have both round and rectangular options in a variety of sizes. No dog is ever completely clean, so when the bed becomes soiled, as we know it will, the cover falls off for simple washing. This does more than simply benefit your dog—it also makes life simpler for you!