How to Select the Perfect Trainer for Your Dog


The dog trainer is there to help you communicate and establish a hierarchy and system of rules that will allow you to live in harmony with your dog, and allow him to be at ease in his place in the street and in society. It thus helps to prevent the appearance of behavioral disorders. You will work together on simple orders (sitting, lying down), recall, walking on a leash, kicking off leash, getting along with other dogs, and etc.

Some canine educators also offer other services, such as training for hunting. Others are empowered to provide the necessary training to own a category dog. Finally, know that the educator can also intervene upstream to help you choose your dog. In this regard, the dog training in Irvine  offers the best service options

Progress is rapid during individual lessons: 

The educator is entirely dedicated to you. If he intervenes at home he will help you in everyday situations, in the dog’s usual environment. Classes in the street or in open spaces such as parks or woods can be dangerous at first and must take place in very specific contexts.

It is good to alternate these lessons with group lessons, which will help your dog to socialize. It is important that he knows how to behave correctly in the presence of his congeners, and that he remains attentive to your requests without being too distracted. It also allows you to meet other dog owners and share your experiences. Working in several different places will enrich and diversify the lessons, and prevents your dog from associating work with a given field.

Canine education is accessible to all dogs, puppies, as well as adults. Some educators offer classes exclusively for puppies, commonly called “puppy schools”, which begin around the age of two months.

Several lessons are often necessary. It can sometimes be interesting to distribute them during the year. The number of lessons needed and their frequency depends a lot on your progress, and should be discussed with the educator, usually after an initial assessment session. Payment is generally made in a package of 5 or 10 lessons.

How to choose it?

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the training received by the dog trainer, and his experience. Word of mouth can also be a good way to gauge customer satisfaction.

Choose dog trainer

It is very important that you and your dog feel comfortable in the presence of the dog trainer. You should be able to ask any questions that come to mind without difficulty. In addition, there are many methods in dog training. Each trainer has his own way of working, and you need to be in line with his methods. If the trainer offers group sessions, ask to attend once or twice. This will allow you to discover the course of a classic session and the way of the dog trainer.