How to Groom Your Dog at Home, According to Experts?



Choosing dog grooming services is one of the best ways to care for your dog. Professional dog grooming services can help keep your dog healthy and happy, as your dog will be groomed by an expert and experienced groomer. However, you can decide to groom your dog at home as professionals do. You only have to follow the guidelines explained in this write-up. 

Grooming your dog at home can build a strong bond between you and your dog over time. And this is not as difficult as it seems. Take your time and put in the effort, you will groom your dog at home like when you choose professional dog grooming services. Here are tips on how to groom your dog at home:


You do not necessarily have to trim your dog’s long hair. Long hairs can act as an insulator against hot temperatures. Although you intend to keep your dog cool by shaving off the long hairs, that is not the best thing to do. However, if your dog is a long-haired breed, you can trim the hair a little. Do not shave it to avoid exposing your dog to summer hot temperatures, which may cause overheating.


Do not indulge in bathing your dog frequently. A bath once a month is okay for your dog. Frequent baths may dry out the skin and coat, which can leave the skin irritated. Do not bathe your dog more than twice a month to avoid removing your dog’s natural protective oils. 

Choose pet shampoos and do not attempt to use human products because they will be too harsh for your dog and cause irritation or be too toxic. Do not let the shampoos get in your dog’s eyes and nose. 

Brush and Blow Dry

After bathing your dog, ensure to brush and blow the hair dry. This is crucial to prevent moisture from being trapped in the dog’s coat as this can cause sores and rashes. Gently detangle locked hair and add brushing spray as often as possible when brushing your pet’s hair.


Another service your dog received from professional dog grooming services is nail-trimming. Gently trim your dog boots when they are longer than usual or they begin to make a clicking sound on hardwood floors. Be careful when trimming your dog’s nails because there is a vein in the nail to avoid cutting it. If you cut the vein, your dog will bleed and it will be very painful. 


The tips above explain what you need to do to groom your dog at home. However, if it is not convenient for you to groom your dog yourself, contact a professional for dog grooming services that will take care of all your dog’s needs to be healthy, happy and well cared for.