How to Groom Hypoallergenic Puppies & Dogs?

Pet Care

Hypoallergenic dogs are ideal for people with allergies. The good thing is hypoallergenic dogs are available in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular dog breeds in this category are Border, Kerry blue terrier, Poodles, Maltese Schnauzer, Puli, Airedale, Wheaten, etc.

Currently, they have hypoallergenic puppies for sale on Long Island. If you are a resident of Long Island and love pets, this is your chance to get one.

However, the drawback of owning a hypoallergenic dog is that they require a lot of grooming. In short, they are high-maintenance dogs. Here are some grooming tips for your hypoallergenic puppy:

  • Get a detangler

Whenever brushing your hypoallergenic dog, make sure you use a detangler. This will help keep its fur knot-free and clean. Before you start brushing, spray the detangler all over his coat. Also, use a slicker brush to get the best results.

  • Give bath whenever needed

If your hypoallergenic dog gets itchy skin or gets dirty, give him a good bath. We recommend you use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to clean your coat. The best option would be to use an oatmeal-based shampoo and conditioner. Also, leave the conditioner in for some time before washing it off.

  • Break up mats

If you find matting in your dog’s coat, use a brushing comb to find the problem spot. You can remove the mats or tangles with the help of a dematter. If needed, you can even trim the knots with scissors. But you should be careful while using any sharp objects like scissors around your dog.

  • Take your dog to a professional grooming

Even though you like to groom your dog in the house, you should take him to a professional groomer once in a while. They are experienced and skilled people who know what’s best for your dog.

Keeping your dog groomed is very important. If you notice any kind of skin condition or parasites while brushing through your dog’s coat take him to a vet immediately. This type of things needs need immediate and proper treatment.