Frenchie puppy: Know the facts before buying one


Did you know that having a dog requires planning and a lot of responsibility? Many people still believe that a dog does not demand a great deal of time, but it does require a lot of responsibility and work. People are increasingly looking for company, someone who loves them, someone who is always by their side and nothing better than a dog to keep them company, dogs and cats are also in most homes, bringing a lot of love and companionship. .

How is the health of a French bulldog?

The health of this dog is relatively good, as already mentioned above the French bulldog is a brachycephalic dog due to its quite flat muzzle it suffers with breathing, not being able to exchange heat and cooling. Care with this detail is essential for him to keep well, we have listed above in this same article, some very important care that you will have to take with your French bulldog, and care will certainly keep him well. We can still say that he is a dog that is prone to having eye problems, problems that can get worse if not treated. It is very important that he undergo periodic examinations.

Common issues with the dog

All dogs have disease characteristics in their genetics, and the French bulldog is no different and may have some diseases too, but when well cared for he can evade a peaceful life by his side without major problems. See the most common diseases of this breed: eye problems, breathing, eyelash deformations, entropy, etc.

How is the French bulldog behaving?

The behavior of this breed is quite agitated. French bulldog likes many games and a lot of attention from its owner. One downside is that it will not accompany you on great adventures. It is not its strong point. Too affectionate, both with its owners and with children, it is a dog that will always be looking for attention, they hate being alone for them separation may not be very pleasant and he can show it with a lot of mischief.

Very stubborn, it is better that you be very firm with him, otherwise he will be able to take care of the flight and do what he wants, he is usually very territorial and a little possessive with his owner, especially if he is the only dog ​​in the house.

He must be socialized

Socialization can be difficult due to this possessive temperament, for the reason it is very important that you encourage coexistence since a puppy so that he gets used to it and can socialize with other dogs from a puppy. The blue frenchies for sale have health that requires certain care, especially excessive walks, too agitated games are forbidden. He is very sensitive to heat, not tolerating high temperatures, so be aware he is a dog that requires care.

Another characteristic is its temperament, territorial and very possessive, the French bulldog needs to get used to other dogs from a very young age so that it grows up knowing how to live with other dogs, and otherwise it can develop problems with socialization.