Facts about Tom Hiddleston you should know about


After all the ‘hype’ that ‘Loki’ has generated, there is no doubt that the main beneficiary of the charisma of the god of deception is the one who plays him, Tom Hiddleston, a box of surprises. However, who is Tom Hiddleston? From a wealthy family, Tom’s education has passed through one of the most prestigious institutions in the United Kingdom.

Tom attended three major institutions in the London, namely, The Dragon School in Oxford, Eton College, the University of Cambridge, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic art. He completed classical studies from the University of Cambridge. He is very stylish, and passionate about acting. He is also a pet lover. The name of Tom Hiddleston’s Dog is bobby/Pooch Elle. He is a Cocker Spaniel.

The more you know him the better

Thomas William Hiddleston is an actor of British nationality who rose to the top of fame after playing the role of Loki in the film version of ‘Thor’, directed by Kenneth. Thomas William Hiddleston was born on February 8, 1981, in Westminster, London, United Kingdom. In reality, the protagonist, Tom, was nominated for the role of Thor. He went on a strict diet to gain muscle and cast, but director Kenneth decided to cast Chris.

It was through Marvel that he gained international fame, but you should know that the British actor has already had a long career in film and television, as he has also featured in films such as Scarlet Summit (2015) and Only Lovers Survive (2013). Besides ‘The Avengers’, Tom Hiddleston has also participated in other films such as ‘War Horse’, where he was directed by Steven Spielberg, or ‘Midnight in Paris’, made by Oscar-winning filmmaker Woody Allen.

The more you know him the better

An interest in acting runs through the veins of Tom Hiddleston, whose mother made a living as a stage actor for years and whose father has excelled in the fields of physical chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Thanks to the good standing of his family, Hiddleston was able to attend the elite Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, graduating in 2005 to, like his sister (Emma Hiddleston), kick off his career as a professional actor in theater, film and television.

He faces struggle

Likewise, before reaching definitive fame, we could see him in titles such as ‘Unrelated’, the television miniseries ‘Return to Cranford’ or ‘Archipelago’, where his role as the lead received excellent reviews. His most outstanding films, however, were yet to come. In 2011, Woody Allen chose him to put himself in the shoes of the writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald in the crazy ‘Midnight in Paris’. In addition, this same year he began his role as the antagonist ‘Loki’ in ‘Thor’, a role that would repeat in 2012 in ‘The Avengers’ and in 2013 in ‘Thor – the Dark World’.

‘War Horse’ and ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ are other titles in which we have recently been able to enjoy a more mature Tom Hiddleston.

Did you know that our favorite hero once dated Taylor Swift? It was 2013, the empire magazine crowned Tom with the title – “the second most handsome man”. The first place was offered to Benedict Cumber batch.