Dog nail grinders explained – Collar & Harness


What is a dog nail grinder?

A nail grinder is an instrument intended for the shortening of the canine claws. Typically, a grinder has the following parts:

  • A handle containing a cavity for the power source (removable or a fixed battery). On some models you can also find a charge gauge. In rechargeable battery models, the base of the handle incorporates a USB connection. Most often the sleeve has a non-slip coating.
  • Grinding head. This part usually has an adjustment mechanism. The latter is used to define the necessary amplitude of the abrasive surface to be applied to the dog’s claws. Its setting is adjusted according to the breed or the size of the canine.

If you have seen this tool before, you may have noticed the instrument does not work the same as a pair of nail clippers. It functions by applying abrasive action to the end of a claw to shorten it to the necessary length. In this way, the canine does not run the risk of scratching you or your textile or leather furniture, nor of hurting itself when it scratches its neck and collar.


Choosing between a grinder and a nail clipper

If you do not know what type of instrument to choose to shorten your dog’s claws, below are a few pointers to help you choose the right tool:

  • Unlike the nail clipper, the electric grinder allows precise shortening without the risk of cracking the nail or clipping too far.
  • Nail clippers often have a snapping sound which can scare or stress the canine. When using clippers, you will often find it necessary to create a calming environment for the agitated dog. This is not the case with a grinder, which is why it is the nail trimmer of choice for professional pet groomers.
  • With a dog nail grinder, you are able to smooth the edges of the claws in order to order to achieve an attractive and safer nail trim. There is no risk that the dog will hurt itself or ruin its coat when it scratches the back of his ears. With a nail clipper, this may not be possible or can only be achieved a very experienced person.
  • If nail clippers can become dull without realizing it, it is very likely that the trimming will be painful for the dog. With grinders, it is easy to tell if the wheel is worn as it will have a weaker action on the nail. This makes grinders much safer for canines.
  • When using dog nail grinders, one can precisely control the abrasion effect. In comparison, nail clippers offer only one fixed trim setting. Here, it is not uncommon for pet owners to misjudge the nail length and cut it too short. By doing so you will damage the soft tissue in the paw which can cause bleeding. The dog may react badly to this injury and could even bite you.

Judging from these arguments, you can make the wisest choice today. Undeniably, the electric dog nail grinder will provide a better trimming result on the claws of your beloved pet. Therefore, it is advisable that you protect its well-being and act in its best interests by going with a nail grinder.