CBD Treats For Dogs: How Beneficial And Safe Are They For Your Furry Friend


CBD treats for dogs make for the option for your paw friend. As per various scientific researches, most pet parents and veterinarians claim that CBD treats are proving highly beneficial for their dogs in multiple ways. Two of the most important ways it is beneficial are how it helps calm the dogs down during their anxiety attacks and how it relieves them of osteoarthritis-related pain.

CBD Dog Treats: Do They Work?

The CBD treats come in different types of gummies, bones and chews which are popular amongst pet parents, considering how they can be easily managed. About 67% of the pet parents who chose to offer CBD treats for their dogs promise that the treats had led to medium to excellent improvements in their dogs as per the Leaf report survey.

On the other hand, about 74% of the respondents according to the survey also said they would recommend CBD treats for dogs to other pet owners. However, the quality of the CBD dog treat will determine its efficacy in improving your pet’s condition.

What To Keep In Mind When Shopping For CBD Dog Treats?

Remember, not all CBD treats are manufactured equally, so you must conduct research before picking them. Always go for a store with high business standards and that maintains the highest transparency on its making methodology.

Some of the tips that you must keep in mind when picking CBD dog treats are:

  • Choose full-spectrum CBD products that are inclusive of cannabis compounds, given how they offer maximum benefits to the dogs, as per veterinary professionals.
  • Make sure the CBD dog treat company counts on its independent laboratory to review its products conducting research. You can even ask them for an analysis certification to make sure what you are paying for.
  • Go for CBD treats that are mostly made of natural ingredients like naturally-grown hemp and organically-procured oils.
  • Check out customer reviews to get an idea of what other pet parents are saying after using the CBD dog treats that you are about to buy as well.

If you are sure and confident about introducing CBD treats to your dog(s) then schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. This holds applicable if your dog is undergoing treatment for a certain ailment. This way you can stay away from all types of unnecessary reactions when combining CBD treats for dogs with conventional medications.