Cat food and right diet


The first year (the period when your kitten is only a kitten) is the most important phase of a cat’s life and should be given special attention, especially with regard to nutrition.

The phase of growth and development of the whole organism and building relationships with the environment takes the first 12 months of each cat’s life.

Cat’s Nutrition

Can cat have crab rangoon as an occasional treat or avoid it completely? Check with your vet before taking a step.

Proper and successful completion of this phase requires adequate nutrition. Changing and adapting to the different needs of the kitten takes place over three periods:

  1. From birth to the fourth week of life: the kitten is fed only breast milk;
  2. From the third/fourth to sixth/eighth week: the kitten switches to other types of food (wet and semi-moist foods) so that the diet is combined with breast milk;
  3. After the sixth/eighth week: the kitten stops sucking, eating moist and solid foods.

Purina Cat Food

PURINA dry and wet cat food is a leader in the pet food segment and is especially suited to different life spans and lifestyles. More information about the range can be found in the following:

  • Friskies

If your cat spends most of its time indoors, you can give it a special pet cat formula that reduces the production of hairballs or foods with a lower calorific value, as the cat is likely to wander less and gain weight.

If your cat is neutered, there is also a specialized neutered cat food that helps maintain urinary tract health.

Older cats also need a slightly adjusted diet, as well as bats and Cats That Dont Shed are overweight

Wellness Cat Food

The American brand has been producing milk and dry pet food for many years. The diet is rich in protein, natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. All the ingredients used in the food are of high quality and the product itself is AAFCO certified.

Wellness Core is suitable for sterilized salmon proteins, chicken and beef proteins, ICD prophylaxis and idiopathic cystitis (glucosamine and cranberry) are completely excluded.

Wellness granules are small, Kanagan is much larger and the tip on fish food is not quite accurate.

Royal Canin Cat Food

With Royal Canin food, your cat is fed well and properly. As a pioneer of dried foods, Royal Canin stands today thanks to intensive research at the forefront of developments in cat nutrition. The latest production methods provide the highest quality cat food available. Cats have different nutritional needs. With Royal Canin Health, your cat gets a diet tailored to your cat’s age and sensitivity. Royal Canin also offers healthy foods for sensitive cats, and Royal Canin Breed is a nutritional program for cats with pedigree. Royal Canin cat food supports your cat’s long life and health.

Science Diet Cat Food

Science Diet cat food contains only the highest quality ingredients with high meat content and low raw ash content. Science Diet cat food is great for digestion and shows a high concentration of energy. As a result, a smaller amount of food should be given, thereby reducing food costs. And for special needs, Science Diet cat food offers a variety of solutions, such as Sterilized Cat Food for sterilized cats.