Buying A Male Coons: Here’s What To Think

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Soft fur, prominent eyes, small ears, almost everyone falls in love instantly with these small and clumsy wads. Are you going to buy a male coon? Don’t be guided by their sweet and pretty looks alone. Keep in mind that the puppies grow up, they need to eat and receive attention every day, that the litter box needs to be cleaned regularly, and that the puppies are very active in the early days. Once you have examined all of these factors, for example, through a list of your preferences, it will be easier to make a decision, and you will avoid disappointment.

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Buying a male coon: purebred or half-breed cat?

One of the first questions to ask is what kind of coon would you chooses a purebred coon or a mixed breed cat. The advantage of the purebred coon is that the character of the breed is known. There are more than forty registered coon breeds, from small coons (less than 2 kg) to large ones (up to 13 kg!). Of the many mixed coons that are born, it is much more challenging to predict size or character. Which coon is right for you all depends on your preferences and situation and not to forget, from any allergies. So opt for the Maine coon sale now and get the best results.

Where to buy the puppy?

There are many sellers of Maine coon for sale. You can buy them from a shelter, from a private individual who lives nearby, or via the internet. Wherever you prefer to go to look for your male coon, it is essential to always see it before making your purchase and seek out as much information as possible about the seller before your visit.

How much do you want to spend on the male coon?

The purchase and maintenance of the male coon cost. The purchase price of the puppy depends on the breed and where you get the male coon. A half-breed costs between € 0.00 and € 50.00, a coon taken from the shelter around € 60.00, and the purchase price of a purebred coon varies from € 300.00 to € 900.00. You will also have to keep in mind that the puppy taken at a reasonable price by a private individual has not customarily been vaccinated and does not have an identification microchip. Always ask for information about it before proceeding to purchase. The maintenance costs depend on the type of feeding you choose, the number of toys you buy, the basket you select, and so on. Aside from the mandatory vaccination costs, you decide how much you want to spend.