Boost Quality of Life for Your Fur Baby with The Best Rated Dog Food for Overweight Dogs

Pet Care

Older dogs like people have a tough time moving around if they are obese or overweight. In fact, like humans, dogs, too, face a lot of challenges losing weight. Still, pet parents need to work hard to help their fur babies to lose weight so that they live longer and healthier. Studies in the recent decades have revealed that if dogs are fed the right food, they showed lesser signs of aging and enjoyed more than 2 to 3 years of pain-free mobility over other dogs suffering from canine arthritis.  

Boost the health of your dog with the best-rated dog food

The best rated dog food plays an instrumental role in boosting the overall health and happiness of your dog. The best dog food in the market contains more protein and fewer carbohydrates. If your dog is fed the wrong dog food, he will develop mild to serious health issues that include diabetes, pancreatitis, heart problems, hip dysplasia, and compromised immune systems. Moreover, if your dog has any form of joint disease or recently has undergone surgery, giving him the wrong food will make him weaker and susceptible to many forms of cancer. Unfortunately, studies reveal that over 50% of the dogs in the USA are obese and overweight, with their owners in denial. If you cannot feel the shoulder blades or the ribs of your dog and there is a tuck just behind his ribs, or there is a ball of fat at the base of the tail, it is high time for you to face reality and immediately put your dog on a strict diet.

Expert advice from vets for weight loss

Most experienced and skilled vets in the USA say people are so used to seeing overweight dogs that they believe their own furry babies are skinny even if they are of the perfect weight. So, long as the spine or the hips of the dog do not protrude and there are no more than a few ribs visible, this means your dog is of the ideal weight. If you are still unsure, take your dog to his vet and ask for an opinion, or you may take your dog to agility competitions to check his health status.

When it comes to the best rated dog food for overweight dogs, consult your vet. Put your dog on a diet with the food and monitor results. Make sure your dog gets the right amount of exercise that he needs to be agile and fit. The biggest problem that dogs face today is they do not get the right amount of exercise they need in order to be fit. Pet parents should take their dogs to the park daily for a run. The dog should be hydrated well and the right amount and portion of food given as per his age, breed, weight, and size. With the right care, exercise, and dog food, your furry baby will be able to knock off the extra pounds with your support and boost the quality of his life and yours too!