Benefits the cat tree and scratchers provide to cats and homeowner

Pet Care

Cats love scratching. But we know how frustrating it feels when your cat scratches your coaches, furniture, walls, and even clothes also. It’s quite irritating to deal with such kitted that use their nails as a weapon and scratches all things around you. However, cats love to scratch things because for certain reasons they are-

  • Scratching provides healthy claws to cats.
  • They get relief by scratching things.
  • It’s a type of muscle exercise that helps them in getting healthier claws.
  • They mark through scratching for communicating with other cats of their locality.
  • Scratching makes them feel happy and they love it.

Hence when you find out that your kitty scratching everything around you, it’s best to invest in a cat tree. Cat scratchers and cat trees are easily available in the market. You can also get them online through various sites like pawpaw up. They also have wide options of cat accessories such as pet bowls, litter trays, and many things.

Reasons why cat trees and scratcher are beneficial for your cat

Personal space– cats do not like socializing as compared a dogs. Although they feel happy to curl by your side in the coaches and sofas most of the time they want live alone. Especially when they are surrounded by other pets in the house. In such a situation having a cat tree gives them a happy place to live where they can spend their free time.

Health benefits- like dogs, the cats also love scratching and doing exercise. For managing better weight it’s quite an important hat they will get good space where they can freely jump, play and do exercise. Cat trees give them proper structure that allows them to jump and play on them. In case when no one is in the home they used to play in cat scratcher and tree that helps them to live a healthy life.

Save your furniture- cat scratcher not only provide benefits to the cat but to you also. Cats used to scratch your costly furniture. Bring them scratcher divert their mind from your furniture and you don’t have to take tension when you are not around.

Offers them security- for the timid cats, a scratching post is the best thing to have. They feel safe and secure under it. When she is located in the high perch it becomes easy for them to look around her and save themselves from the opponents.