What Are The Ideal Features Of Dog Transportation Boxes?

Pet Care

Have you hired a dog transportation company to bring your newly purchased puppy to your place? If yes, you must ensure that they use the right kind of box or carrier for enclosing the new member of your family during transit. The section below lists the features a dog transportation box must possess. 


These boxes must have a solid build. Ideally, they should not be made of nylon or fabric as those materials will never be able to withstand the impact of falls and prevent the puppy from getting injured. Plastic cages are also not good for this purpose as they break pretty easily. 

Top animal transportation companies always use metal boxes, which are great at absorbing shocks and keeping puppies protected during transit. What’s surprising is that these companies manage to keep their metal puppy enclosures light thanks to the amazing design of the boxes. 


If you pick the right company to do the job for you, your little bundle of joy will never experience claustrophobia even if they need to travel for days to reach you. That’s because these service providers always pick boxes with sufficient ventilation. They customize boxes according to the size of the puppy and ensure that each box has enough holes to air flow freely inside it. 


The crate or box used to transport a puppy must be comfortable. It must be big enough for the puppy to stand, sit, lie in various postures, and move. That’s the reason all revered pet transportation firms use transportation boxes customized according to the measurements of the puppy.  

It would be good if the pet transportation business you pick is the same one that sells puppies. Such companies are well aware of the exact requirements of all the puppies and will never fail to keep them healthy, happy, and comfortable during transportation.