Pet food market in China: the forecast is expecting Chinese pet food expenditure to get heavier

Pet Care

China is ranked at the top three countries, most of which is 73.55 million in 2016 with pet owners with cats and dogs. The number was 33.9 million dog owners and 22.58 million owned cats. It preference for dogs among Chinese residents, 46 percent of pet owners own dogs compared to 31% more than cats and owns only 23% of other animals as pets. . China’s pet industry has passed through only significant and stable growth, in 2010 by 14 billion RMB in 2013 to 134 billion RMB. From this, half of the online pet pet sales itself of China Pet Food Market is 51.8%. Peter Faire runs one of the largest pet trade shows in China combined with Asia. This popularity shows the growing interest of pet, this year the partnership is going to be its 7th Annual Pet Food Forum in China, attracting professionals from China, Southeast Asia and other countries this year. The Chinese market was looking for information and information. As a popularity of pet raising, the pet food market in China has increased by 27.8% to 2017 billion by the end of 2018, up 17 percent in the previous year’s growth rate. Is.

The increase has increased, which is increasingly increasing with China’s fast reputation and increasing middle class. Shanghai is the most registered pet in China, with 12.4% of Beijing’s 11.2% and also 10% of Guangdong. In addition, the city of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Chengdu is the most popular wherever to raise the pet. They play an important role in making pets that are more popular due to the high disposable income of these cities. The increasing quality of life has increased the cost of consumers. It is especially seen in pet, every dog ​​or pussy is estimated to be an average of 5,016 RMB in 2018 by 15 percent in 2017. In addition, China’s coastal border occupies majority of petals in China, accounting for 54% of registered pet throughout China.

Of these, however, there are two major groups of owners. First, those in the old population. 61% of them are 65 years old and pet owners. This age group has good care of their pet and usually keeps them aged at their age. Compared to relatively young, around 20 to 30 years, emerging urban middle class, owns a pet because of a recent social trends. This small group is well-equipped with pumps and their pets due to their pet. However, pet is also well seen after recognizing social status and pollution. Thus, it explains the disposable income of the owners, in which they can not only take care of their pets but are beyond their basic needs.

The Chinese pet industry causes trust and demand for premium products within the industry

Food safety issues have encouraged Chinese people to deepen their food consumption and buy more imported products. On this health, more concentration applies to both, because the pet’s prosperity as customers and their pets has become more important than ever. It appears that pets treat more like family members because they meet the emotional needs of their owners. In addition, pet has become a part of more stylish lifestyle in more urban areas. Additional interest in pet prosperity is facing major expenses as industry, such as owners to improve and improve the quality of their pet’s life. It has shown that, in 2017, pet food was highest at 34%, with pet treatment followed by 23% and pet products followed by 16%. This specially indicates that food is selected, especially owners leave their way to buy specialized pet foods to ensure their pet welfare.

This is especially important because cautioned packaging methods have resulted in pet food due to the result of pet death. Chinese officials are struggling to stop the distribution of empty products in recent years, so during the purchase decision, standards, safety and credibility make the most important ideas. Already, an open bag was used to pack the pet food, but as security concerns increased, it has given way to premium packaging. Consequently, more premium pouches and cans are prepared today, so that for safe food packages and identities. There is also a tendency to use plastic packaging as it is more reliable and easy.

In addition, it is clear that overall growth in China’s pet market industry is improving. When China is among the top three countries with more cats and dogs, its population is in the proportion of animals.


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