Smart Breeds of Dogs



Here are some dog breeds that are notably smart and can be trained easily. These breeds are usually anxious to please you. These dog breeds can understand commands and follow them quickly regardless of size or origin. This is common to all of them. In smart breeds of dogs, verbal commands and hand signals can be taught and used simultaneously without any difference in reaction time. Here is a list of the dog’s breeds that can be trained quickly. The following list was made possible with the help of San Francisco Dog Walker by the name of Nancy Bernard. If you are looking for dog services such as dog boarding, training, walking or anything in between do pay 360 Dog Walker a visit.

1.     German shepherd

They are the second popular breed of dog in the US. The greatest combination of athleticism, intelligence, and size in the dog kingdom. The German shepherd is rewarded for everything from home security to show competitions to police work and the military. They are eager to please you and intensely loyal. Well-trained German shepherds are great family pets. They learn new skills quickly and have the physical gifts to perform amazing feats.

2.     Border collie

These magnificent shepherd dogs have protected herds of sheep in Scotland and Wales for centuries, and shepherds often call them the perfect shepherd dog. Also, these dogs learn signals quickly are smart enough to understand routines. They can efficiently train to handle everyday tasks. Athletic, agile, and observant, Border collie dogs have consistently excelled in dominating competitions, agility competitions such as Crafts International in its native UK.

3.     Poodle

Poodles are efficient water dogs, expert hunters, and the brightest dogs you’ll come across. Poodles have high intelligence levels in all sizes, and due to their large size and power, poodles are well equipped. The standard poodle sports a slender body that makes him an excellent swimmer and perfectly retrieving.

4.     Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are popular same as German shepherds in the US. Gold retrievers are loved for their people-pleasing, friendly, and cheerful nature. Additionally, they are also one of the most intelligent dogs. It makes them the best choices for therapy and service dogs, as rescue and search dogs, obedience competition, and champion field animals.

5.     Doberman pinscher

Doberman pinscher is one of the world’s most giant protective dogs. Also, they are agile, fast, and strong. Additionally, intelligence is the most significant feature of these dogs, which allows them to learn various commands and tasks quickly. Their owners can trust that Doberman pinscher will follow each command.

6.     Shetland sheepdog

Shetland sheepdog has a close resemblance with a collie. In obedience competitions, the Shetland sheepdog has been a champion since its recognition by the AKC in 1911. Like collie, the Shetland Sheep Dog is an intelligent breed. As a shepherd, they were needed to keep an eye on stray animals for a long time. This made a small dog keenly observant and thrived on getting the job done.

7.     Labrador retriever

Since 1991, the Labrador retriever has been a popular breed in the US. These hardworking hunting dogs were used to jump into the water on fishing boats and retrieve harpoon fish. They like pleasing their human companions, making them the best hunters. Also, their cheerful nature makes them excel in agility, obedience, and competition. If you want an intelligent and loving dog, this one is best for you.