Healing Properties of Turmeric for Dogs – 


Introduction – 

Dogs are one of the most lovable and friendly animals that anyone can ever have as a pet. However, at the same time, it is not so easy to keep dogs at home because they need a lot of care and good food, sleep, and exercise. If any of these is missing, then your dog can be under stress. Plus, medical attention is something that your dog needs, like a proper routine check-up, vaccination, other anti-rabies and injections, and so on. So, you must use healthy food and natural things for your dogs like natural herbal soaps and others that are pet friendly.

Anti-septic Turmeric for Dogs Wound – 

There is also turmeric for dogs that you can use for them. But now I will tell you. Firstly, turmeric is one of the best natural and healthy ingredients that one can use in foods and other items. Turmeric is also anti-septic. So, now you will be thinking how come turmeric is good for dogs. There are many ways in which turmeric is very good for dogs. The first and the foremost use of turmeric is in the case of injury. If your dog gets hurt and bleeds, then the first thing you should do is wash that area with water and apply turmeric powder in that area to keep away flies and maggots. Later, your dog will be thankful to you that you took the necessary actions to prevent the maggots from occurring by applying turmeric powder.

Keep Dogs Ticks and Itchiness Away – 

So, this is one of the uses of turmeric. Next, the use of turmeric for dogs is to keep away ticks and itchiness from their body. One of the best things that you can do is simply mix some good cup of turmeric with water and make it a paste, not too watery, just a normal paste that you can scrub on the body. And, then put some water on your dog’s body and make the coat wet and apply some turmeric paste all over the body, legs, tails except their genitals, ears (inside), and eyes and nose and give your dog a good scrub. Then wash off the turmeric. This way you can give a natural turmeric bath to your dog that will keep the ticks at bay.

Turmeric Scrub for White Dogs – 

Again, remember, this can be done for dogs that are black in color or brown in color. Because turmeric leaves a yellow color, so applying turmeric on white dogs is not advisable, if your dog is white in color then you can apply turmeric but after that, you need to shampoo them to get rid of the yellow color. So, this way turmeric is very beneficial for the dogs. Besides that, another way in which you can use turmeric is in foods.

Using Turmeric Food – 

But remember, don’t use turmeric with pepper. In addition, don’t use pepper for dogs, they will feel spicy and besides that, they are animals and not human beings to have pepper and spice. You can mix turmeric with chicken legs, cook it, and give it to them, they will love it and besides that don’t use salt also, as with salt they will start shedding their hairs. Turmeric is good for a dog’s stomach as it has healing properties and it is good for stomach worms in dogs. Using a turmeric bath for dogs also eases the itchiness in their body.