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We always desire to give our pets only the best things to be feel relaxed and loved. Be it nutritious food, healthy shelter or cosmetics, we just want the most effective on their own account. At Wet Nose Boutique, you are only bound for the greatest stuffs the pet will enjoy. We offer a range of pet products that is definite to produce your pet feel loved.

See the popular pet products that people sell at our web store:

  1. Sleepypod Dog Safety Harness

If you are trying to find any next-gen dog safety harness, the Sleepypod Dog Safety Harness could be the one. The Sleepypod Dog Safety Harness features a unique infinity loop design with padded vest. This vest does its job in cutting and absorbing impacts in situation from the accident.

The Sleepypod Dog Safety harness will be three sizes, small (16.5-22 inches), medium (22.5-28 inches), Large (28.5-34 inches), and extra Large (34.5-40 inches) in proportions.

Listed below are the options of Sleepypod Dog Safety Harness:

The Sleepypod Dog Safety Harness features a three-point design system you should use inside the rear passenger seat. This three-point design system safeguards the dog’s entire torso.

The vest implemented while using harness is broad and absorbs energy effectively.

It’s pretty fast and simple allowing you to connect and release the harness.

The Sleepypod Dog Safety Harness is strength tested and is made of automotive grade materials which ensure its durability.

The reflective tapes round the harness achieve be visible when asleep.

Produced using luggage-grade, ballistic nylon.

It’s also utilized like a walking harness.

Accessible in four sizes meaning, the harness can be used almost about any dog type.

  1. Puppia Soft Dog Harness

If you want to create your dog around the vehicle ride, a trek or possibly a stroll, your Puppia Soft Dog Harness is great.

The harness will be three different colors of red, royal blue, black, and orange.

Listed below are the options of Puppia Soft Dog Harness:

The Puppia Soft dog harness will be four sizes of small, medium, large and extra-large, hence, fitting all sizes of dogs.

The harness is waterproof featuring reflective tapes assisting evening visibility

  1. Stomach and collar openings in the harness are adjustable.
  1. Cat Cave Beds

Cat cave beds will be the people’s favorite pet product. The collections of cat cave beds we’ve are entirely produced from made of wool. These Cat cave beds are built with greatest quality of Merino made of wool making your cat feel great, healthy and confortable.

It is extremely easy to clean our cat cave beds. In the event you consider offering more room for the cat, you need not don’t only cutting a larger opening.

Listed below are the different cat cave bed designs that individuals offer:

Eco-friendly Floral.

Lime Eco-friendly/Pink Flowers.



Cream Floral.

Eco-friendly or Orange Leaf.